Monday, 28 September 2015

Track friends in real time By mobile number with Friend Location Finder - Tracker App

Friend Location Finder - Tracker

Now track your friends,girl friends,boy friends,family members or any which you want,just by adding her/his mobile number in this app and  start tracking.

App should be installed on both end means on both devices,or your friends number should be registered on this app which you want to track.

  •   GPS and Internet must be ON for tracing your location,otherwise you can't  n    track 
  •  Get accurate location if you are using 3G/Wifi  

App can be useful if you want to check weather your friend lying or not, or you can use this app as a security app,so your location can monitor by your parents and close relatives if any emergency occur.

We can trace friend location in real time by Mobile phone, because nowadays every friend keep mobiles and Android is popular OS, so we can say every friend using Android mobile. So by simply Sharing mobile number or by adding your friend mobile number in this app you can get her/his real time location live on map.

App have cool material design  user interface and easy to handle.

 ******** How to use ?**********


1)Register your mobile number you want to register through app.

2)Fill your profile with your profile picture along with name

3)Done. Now ready for track friends.

4)For add friend just click on "Add Friend" button and add her/his mobile number and save it.

5)You can also add friend by scanning barcode of your friend which i share by her/his.

6)For scanning barcode ,click on "Scan qr-code" and just scan and add friend

7)Now track friends by clicking on "Track friends" and then select desired friend from list and voillaaaa,see magic,you can track your selected friend now in real time.


Enjoy this Awesome App and give your valuable Reviews and Google+, if you really like this App.

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Trace Real Time Location of Friend By Android App

Friend Location Finder ANDROID App

"Friend Location Finder" is a basically an android phone tracing App, which work on GPS and INTERNET.

We can trace friend location in real time by Mobile phone, because nowadays every friend keep mobiles and Android is popular OS, so we can say every friend using Android mobile. So by simply sharing Device ID with each other you can get the correct location of each other.
This app uses Google Maps for display location. You can also test whether your friend lies or not about his/her location.
Their may be need,to find your phone , if mobile is stolen by theif or missing from you then if you share your Device ID with your friend via this App, then you can find mobile exact location.but this is possible only when mobile is not OFF.because this App runs a Gps tracking service in the background ,so every time your location transfers and stores in real time server.
Note: Your GPS must be ON and Internet also for work this app properly,and you must initialize your location on Google Maps before using this App, App totally depends on Google Maps.


 How to use ?


1)first of All enable GPS and Data connection,so due this our current location update via Google Maps.

2)Share your ID from App,by clicking on "Share Device ID" button and Share it using,whatsapp or any messaging service.

3)and then Ask to friend to share her/his ID.

4)Copy shared Device ID and then paste it into "Add friend Device" screen,along friend name.

5)for get friend location ,click on "Get friend location" button from main screen ,and then click on saved friends.

6)Then ,see Magic.,now you can see your clicked friend location,live.


1) Add Friend in App only once, 1st time, then get the location of your friend when you want.

2) Real Time location, saving displaying within milliseconds.

3) Display Shortest route from your current location to friend location.

4) Track Friends on the Go.

5)Very Excellent user interface ,and easy to use and user friendly .

Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Clause Widgets and Wallpapers App for ANDROID

First to All of you, "Merry Christmas".
We enjoying a month of christmas ,So i develop a "Christmas Clause Widgets and Wallpapers".
So you can Add many more Widgets of "Santa Clause" which is given by this App. on Home Screen.
you can also Enjoy Awesome High Quality HD wallpapers, and you can set it as Home screen wallpapers,
you also can share it via BLuetooth, via WhatsApp and etc.
=>High Quality 20 HD wallpapers of Christmas.
=>20 High Quality Santa clause Analog Clock Widgets.
=>Can Share Wallpapers.
=>Can Set wallpapers as System Wallpaper.

=>Install App
=>Open App, and Accept Agreement.
=>Select wallpapers icon, and then pick and enjoy wallpapers.
=>Long press on Home Screen
=>Search for "CristmasClause Widgets"
=>Pick any widget from given 20 Widgets and Enjoy.
=>Select widgets from WIDGET Panel, from Menu drawer of your launcher.
 Support mail:-


Thursday, 5 December 2013

ROYAL Jeans APEX Launcher Theme


“ROYAL Jeans Theme” is a Beautiful and Awesome Theme which makes your Mobile Awesome by Applying this icon pack and Widgets provided by this Theme.

★ MULTI LAUNCHERS SUPPORT APEX/NOVA/HOLO (I recommend to use APEX launcher).
★ DOCK(Apex).

To apply the theme go to Your Launcher settings and:
Apex Launcher: 
Apex settings > Theme settings > ROYAL Jeans > Apply.

Nova Launcher: 
Nova Settings > Look and feel > Icon Theme > ROYAL Jeans

Holo Launcher: 
Launcher Settings>Appearance Settings >Icon pack > ROYAL Jeans

Recommended Settings:->
For Adding ROYAL Jeans Analog Clocks Widgets:
═>Long Press on Home screen>Widgets>Select ROYAL Jeans
═>Go to Widget Panel and find ROYAL Jeans and Drag it to Homescreen. And Set it in center and resize according To your Screen Size.

Apex Launcher:
1)Apex Settings>Drawer Settings>Portrait grid , set it to 5x5
2)Apex Settings>Drawer Settings>Drawer background Transparency , set it to 20%
3)Apex Settings>Dock Settings , scroll to last and tick 'Hide dock divider'

Nova Launcher:
1)Nova Settings>Drawer>Drawer app Grid , Set it to 5 Rows and 4 Columns
2)Nova Settings>Background Transparency , Set it between 80%

HOLO Launcher:
1)Launcher settings >Drawer Settings>Portrait Grid , Set it to 5 Rows and 4 Columns.
2)Launcher Settings>Drawer settings>Background Transparency> Set to 100.
For ICON Request Please mail me with Theme name , App Name , Play store link, Things.


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

IDM Patch/Crack ReadyMade for LifeTime

IDM stands for Internet Download Manager which uses for Boost Internet Downloading speed other than Default .. SO for Use Internet Downlaod Manager (IDM) we need to buy it, SO i developed a Small Tool called as "IDMPatch.exe" which, Cracks the IDM and make it full verison for use it lifetime.

IDM Patch Tool

After Apply Patch

Steps to follow:

1)Downlaod IDMPatch.rer from below link and extract it

2)Run extracted IDMPatch.exe and simple click on "CRACK" button.

3)Now your IDM is cracked and Enjoy.


* No Need to Restart System.
* Easy Haanding, means one touch crack.
* No Time Consuming.
 Note:if Antivirus Activate then deactivate it temporary and Run IDM patch.

Compatible with All Windows versions.

Download IDM Patch By Click in this Button
Size: 250 KB